Hello there I’m Pam, and I’m the person behind Travel and Tell.


I started this travel blog in 2010 for the purpose of documenting my travels. Travel and Tell is about my local trips and mostly showing beautiful beaches and coastlines of the Philippines – with me in them haha.

Apo Reef

I’m not a professional traveller, most of my trips are within the Philippines.


I’m very forgetful so expect no travel expense and cost breakdowns in this blog. Planning to add in the future.


I don’t arrange and plan my trips. I have awesome friends that do that. I’m just a “dakilang kaladkarin”.


I normally don’t go with the itinerary. I enjoy a carefree travel without guide.


I take a lot of pictures when I travel. I’m amused with the smallest things when I’m out to a different place.

Mt Mayon

I wear whatever is comfortable to me.

Tugawe Cove Resort

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t party and I don’t know how to swim.


I set budget when I travel but I don’t restrict myself on little extras like pasalubong.


There, I just spilled out a little something about me. Please connect with me through my Facebook page Travel and Tell or follow me here to get a copy of my latest blog straight to your email.