Capones Philippines

We had a quick drop to Capones as part of our Anawangin tour in 2011. Anawangin + Capones = 2,500php/5pax. I recall not having enough time in the island due to bad weather. It was rainy and the waves were getting really rough. We managed to climb and see the island from the top but only for a very short time.

I had a feeling that I have not seen the best of Capones and I promised to see it again. I returned a year later, this time with my sister and husband.

Capones Philippines

How to Get to Capones from Manila: 

  1. Left early and board a Victory Liner bus in Pasay going to Olongapo, Zambales. Bus fare is 218Php each. Travel time is approximately 3 hours. There is also a Victory Liner bus station in Cubao if that is more accessible to you.
  2. From Olangapo Victory Liner bus station, transfer to another bus going to Iba, Zambales. Tell the bus driver to drop you at San Antonio market. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes.
  3. From San Antonio market, take a tricycle going to Pundaquit. Tricycle fare is 100Php for 3 passengers and travel time is approximately 30 minutes. .
  4. That would be 3 transfers in total before you arrive to Capones: Pasay – Olangapo – San Antonio – Pundaquit – Capones.

Capones Philippines

Capones Philippines

Under a cool sunny weather, Capones is no doubt, beautiful. It is like a sleeping island. You only hear the waves and some birds. Nobody was there but us.

Capones Philippines

Capones is popular for its by rocky cliffs, rocky shores and light cream sand.

Capones Philippines

Capones Philippines

The edge of the island is guarded by big chunk of rocks. Facing the mighty South China Sea, these rocks get hammered with the big waves every day.

Capones Philippines


There is no shed nor a single house in the island. There is no electricity and no source of fresh water.



Capones Philippines

Capones Philippines

Capones Philippines

It will take you about 1 hour to hike the 2-kilometer distance going to the top of Capones. You can wear reliable slippers or shoes but the trek is not hard. There is no signage going to the top of Capones. You will have to follow the steps so I suggest you bring the boatman to avoid getting lost.



IMG_0478 - Copy

From the top of Capones, you will see the Camara Island.

IMG_0460 - Copy

One of the hidden treasures of Capones is this old Spanish lighthouse which was first lit in August 1, 1890. This solar-powered lighthouse was constructed to guide and warn the passing ships of the dangers of the rocky shores of the island.


They fixed the lighthouse and painted it white but the rest of the structure is preserved.

Out of curiosity, I asked our tour guide if the lighthouse is haunted. And he said Yes. Some of those who spent a night in Capones have seen a white lady in the stair and heard rattle of chains inside the building.

Camping in Capones?

Pay P400 – P500 for tent rental per night. 3 persons can fit in one regular sized tent.

Tips when you Go to Capones:

  1. Know the weather. It will be very  hard to climb the top of the island when it’s rainy and windy.
  2. Bring a small bag for drinking water and some snacks.
  3. Bring a tour guide or boatman as guide.
  4. Wear comfortable slipper or shoes. Watch out for sharp stones.
  5. There is no electricity and phone signal is weak, so bring your power bank.
  6. Wind is strong and cold at night, so bring something to keep you warm.

My Team Capones:

My sister. I will give this trip to her. She enjoyed it so much. 





My husband. He discovered he has a super power to lift  a whole rock with one hand.



It has been a while since the last time I saw Capones. I would like to visit the island again and see the lighthouse.


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