So here comes my own travel story of Coron, Palawan – probably the dream place of many including myself. I’ve only seen Coron in magazines and televisions. I never thought I’d be able to visit this place but I did on January 9 – 11, 2012 with David.

I’ve always wanted Palawan and everything that surrounds it. I pulled out MetroDeal and found Shore to Shore Travel Services tour package to Coron for 2 at P8,499. The 3-day, 2-night stay at Coron Village Lodge with free breakfast and van transfer sounded just so perfect so I made an initial reservation of P2,000, hit Confirm button and all was set.

Plane was booked prior to this reservation – Air Philippines for P892.00 per person for a 2-way trip. *cheaper than ever!

So here comes the voucher!


So I’m coming to Coron with my fiancee – such a good way to start the year.

It was a mix of thrill and happiness that overwhelmed me the night before our travel. At last it’s Coron and I just couldn’t wait. However, time and weather wasn’t on our side that day and I was starting to get frustrated.

We should be out in Manila at 12:35pm and be in Coron at 1:30pm but it was an hour and another 2 hours of waiting at the gate . San ka na ba plane? Ididang tika run!

Missing One Day at Coron, WHY?

Due to the unfavorable weather condition, flights were delayed making it impossible for us to go. It was 5pm when we were called to board the plane. After everyone was seated, the pilot announced that we could no longer proceed with our flight due to the lack of runway lights at Coron’s airport. It was explained to us that the runway in Coron doesn’t have the capability to guide airplanes arriving after 5pm.  We disembarked the plane and ended up staying in Manila for another night and got the earliest flight on the next day. Our tour was supposed to start at 2pm that day of our original flight so we missed 1 day paid-tour.

Kahilakun na kos kalagot naghulat pami, wala pajud mi gipadayun!

To somehow ease the frustration of their passengers, AirPhil offered all of us a free overnight stay at a hotel in Malate, Manila and free dinner. I was still feeling bad but hopeful we can still make it there.

Panawagan: Ayuha intawun ninyo ng airport sa Coron palihug. Butangi na og runway lights. AirPhil, CebuPac, PAL og Zest Air pag-amut amut nalng mo, please!

Meeting the Beautiful yet Humble Ms. Dindi Gallardo

I recognized Ms Dindy Gallardo while waiting for our flight. She was so simple, no make-up but still stunning! We were on the same flight. The bus that picked us up was packed and David offered Dindy his chair so we were seated right next to each other. She was very soft-spoken and she looks very young. Upon our arrival in Coron, David asked her if we can have photos together and right away she said Yes!

At last we arrived. It was a 40 minute drive from the airport to Coron Village Lodge, our temporary home for 2 days. Right after lunch we went off to have our island tour!

the Waiting Boat

The Top Sights we Explored!

1. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake

Huwaw, mao man jud ning naa sa postcard oh!

Perhaps the most popular representation of Coron – Kayangan Lake! It was around 4pm when I took this photo –  if only there was a bit of light. Entrance fee is P200 pero covered naxa samung tour. You need to take a small trek to reach this area.

The other side of Kayangan Lake

The edges of these cliffs are extremely sharp so be careful. There were fishes underneath these rocks and the water was clear.

2. Atwayan Beach

Atwayan Beach

Atwayan Beach offers a couple of spectacular inside and outside views. Feast your eyes to all these small and giant islands – they are beautiful.

And more!


It feels so good to be in Coron.

3. CYC Island

CYC Island Coron

According to our guide, CYC Island has the cleanest and whitest sand in Coron. It was during the Marcos time when the locals nearby have sold loads of sand to complete the resort construction owned by President Marcos.

*Nakikita mo ba ang nakikita ko B1? *Ang alin ba B2?

The Sleeping Giant

Mr. Boatman pointed us to what he called the “sleeping giant” and it took me a couple of minutes to find it. Can you see the figure?

4. The Twin Lagoon

The Twin Lagoon

The way going to the Twin Lagoon was breathtaking. There were cliffs wherever you turn and the water was so refreshing.


There were small fishes underneath! The water was a bit scary though especially on the other side where you find the bigger lagoon. It was a mix of cold and hot and I was imagining a shark that could come up anytime for a bite.

5. The Coral Garden

Coral Garden

The spot where David enjoyed the most. I regret staying in the boat but David told me it was the most amazing marine sanctuary he has seen in his entire life.

Not far from here is a ship wreck where thousands of fishes and corals can be found. Who wants a dive? I absolutely love the idea but I need to learn to swim first.

What I love the Most in Coron!

1. The awesome cliffs!

sharp cliffs that are unique to the place

I swear Coron is one of God’s most wonderful masterpiece!

friendly visitors to greet you with a smile

According to history and geography, Palawan was once part of Java that drifted close to the Philippines.

2. The foods


Grilled tuna is a must-try in Coron! Taste? Best in the island.


3. And YES, the time I had with David.

me and my best travel buddy

I was so happy to be spending time with my sweet man in this beautiful island. He loved everything here.

perfect place for a romantic dinner

All the struggles we experienced just to get to Coron were totally chipped away by what my eyes have seen and heart has felt!

Coron, I’ll see you again!

Coron, January 2012
Coron, January 2012

Stayed at: Coron Village Lodge

Days: 3D/2N

Transportation: Plane and Private Van

Expense: P5,000

Enjoyed most: the sight of the cliffs and meadows

Missed: snorkeling at Coral Garden

Overall Impression: 9 stars

Contact Shore 2 Shore Services: 4758806-07


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