My trip to Anawangin last Novermber 2011 has proved that travelling can still be possible in a limited cash. At a price of P2,000, I was able to experience a beautiful hidden cove. Anawangin is popular for its magnificent cove, crystal clear water and pure fine sand like its been crushed a thousand times. The journey to the place was intensely breathtaking especially for me whose never been out for a while.

Anawangin Travel


1. Anawangin was my first ever arranged trip, bringing with me 5 adventurous friends – Coleen, Kenar, Simon, Cath and Pat.

2. The cheapest travel I’ve done so far.

I learned about the Anawangin promo from Metrodeal (Tipidlakbay Pilipinas), the source of almost half of my trips. They were cutting the tour price, big time!

Here’s what your P2,000 will cover (Tipidlakbay Anawagin Tour Promo):

1. 4 pax trip to Anawangin

2. Boat ride (from Pundaquit port to Anawangin cove and back)

3. 2 medium-sized tents

4. Use of cooking tools

5. Island hopping

Absolutely abot-kaya for a short vacation. Thrilled and happy, I gathered my 3 friends to join me and pay the reservation fee of P500 thru Paypal. I was really wanting this bad as the place, from the photos posted was really amazing.

Anawangin Cove

We met up around 4am at Seven Eleven Pasay and went straight to Victory Liner Bus Terminal (Pasay) for a 3-hour drive going to Olongapo, Zambales. We paid P218 each for the bus fare, one-way. You may also consider Victory Liner Cubao if it’s more accessible to your place. First bus trip starts around 4am and I suggest you take this time to avoid the stress of traffic! Schedules and fares of Victory Liner bus can be found here:

How to Get There:

There is no direct bus trip to Pundaquit (entrance to Anawangin cove) from Manila so we have to take another bus from Olangapo Victory Liner bus station. From there, we took a one more bus with route Iba, Zambales and told the conductor to drop us at San Antonio market. We paid around P45 each for a non-aircon bus. It was a short-distance ride from the Olangapo bus stop to San Antonio, just almost around 45 minutes.

We arrived around 10am at San Antonio market and had a good meal. And since hindi kasama ang 2 days na food sa babayaran namin, namalengke kami before we headed straight to our destination. The market is very accessible and the secret to getting fast to your need is to simply ask the locals. They are very accommodating and respectful. While at the market, I was already imagining the scenery and to myself I whispered: “This is going to be awesome!”

From the market, there wait a line of tricycles that will take you to Pundaquit for approximately 30 minutes under a P100 fare for 3.

Pasay – Olangapo – San Antonio – Pundaquit – Anawangin.

Welcome to Pundaquit port, the entrance to Anawangin Cove. *naks, ready na ready na!


* You may wonder bakit 6 na kami? Pinagbigyan si Kenar and Pat ng panahon. Each of them paid P700 (standard excess payment) para makasama. Super sulit!

The water was very cooperative that time, peaceful and grand. We were entertained with various cliff formations, mountains and blue water as our boat passed the tiny waves.


One of the highlights of the place are the mountains, para xang pasture less the kalabaw nga lang.


And to top it all, here’s a perfect snap of Anawangin under a cool, breezy sunshine.

No time was wasted. We right away put up our tent, placed our things to our designated areas then took plenty of photos, as in plenty talaga.

One thing I like most of travelling is the company of my close friends.


Things to Do at Anawangin:

1. Magpakawala for a day, for a change.


Anawangin is more magnificent than what its actual photos show. I was feeling this extreme gladness that I want to roll over the sand or maybe just jump instantly to the water. But I’m thinking, it might take a while for me to be able to return, so I might as well get all the photos I can and be just as free.

2. Ihampas ng kusa ang self sa mga naglalakihang alon.


Huwag ng itanong kung ilang sugat nakuha ko sa pagkakataong ito. Di lang naman ako nakalakad ng ilang minutes dahil sa madugong eksenang nangyari. My mistake, di pala cooperative si waves. Kinawawa nya ako ng sobra at sa kalagitnaan ng mga bato pa. Pero okay lang, that’s what you get sa pagiging tanga.*ako na ang harsh sa self.

3. Magpakadalubhasa sa pagiging modelo.

*Imaginin nyo nalang ang picture, masyadong nakakahiya.

The Beauty of Anawangin


Anawangin both offers the beauty of water and forest. Huwag ubusin ang oras sa dagat, instead, take time to stroll. There’s more at the back of those tall, strong pine tress.


The the river is a mix of cold and warm water. Masarap mag-stroll dito under the bright blue sky.


This place would make you feel na para kang wala sa ‘Pinas, yung parang sa Twilight lang? Woods eh.


The trip to the place is really well-worth everything. Looking back, I can still feel how great it was to be there – seeing the cloud like you could almost touch it, small fishes biting the rocks, it’s totally undescribable. Philippines is so blessed to have Anawangin still living.


A day that starts well, ends well. This is how God ends each day at Anawangin and so glad to be able to witness it.

Don’t forget to bring enough foods for your stay at the place and most importantly, jackets or blanket to keep you warm at night. Mahirap ng manigas sa lamig. Setting up the tent and cooking our foods have made the trip more exciting and fun.

1. There are only 3 functional bathrooms kaya iwasan kumain ng marami.

2. 2 poso lang ang gumagana kaya huwag feeling nasa shower pag-naligo.

3. Pweding kumuha ng pang-gatong for bonfire kung kapos sa pera. Panggatong is P250 isang bundle sa tindahan ni Aling Nena.

Breaking News: Mi na-meet super pretty girls ang mga boys kina-gabihan, super friendly lang ba or hunk talaga? *Kenar and Simon.


The Capones Island Adventure

Right after Anawangin, we sailed straight to Capones Island as part of the island hopping. Medyo masama ang panahon, kahihinto lang ng ulan kaya malakas ang alon. We crossed the water of South China Sea and sa kagaya kung takot sa malalalim na tubig, parang gusto ko nalang lumipad at mauna na sa kanila. Instead of taking the normal route, sa kabilang side kami dumaan which is more tricky. To top it all, kelangan naming languyin ang roughly 10 meters na pagitan ng island and boat sa gitna ng ulan. Ang saya kasi mi “lubid show xa, hila-hila effect and tulak-tulak pa”. But it was worth all the struggles kasi ang ganda ng top view ng Capones Island, super! Sayang walang camerang nadala kasi ulan and kelangan pang lumangoy, effort na masyado!

Anawangin is one of the best places I’ve been to due to its offered beach and forest beauty, all-in-one na xa. First time ko nakapunta ng cove and super ganda pala talaga nia. And to those who were with me, Coleen, Kenar, Simon, Cath and Pat, THANK YOU so much. I had so much fun with you guys!


We arrived late, around 10pm in Manila, all exhausted but filled with fun. I suggest you leave Pundaquit not later than 6pm para hindi mahuli sa last ride ng Victory Liner Olonggapo, 9pm.

Anawangin, November 2011

Stayed at: Tent

Days: 2D/1N

Transportation: Bus – Tricycle – Bangka

Expense: P1,800

Enjoyed most: the entire trip to Capones Island

Missed: mag-bonfire

Overall Impression: 5 stars

Tipidlakbay Pilipinas on Facebook:

Organizer: Faith, 09161661560