Anawangin Cove

Anawangin is popular for its magnificent coves, crystal clear water and fine gray sand.

Anawangin was my first arranged trip.  I went with 5 close friends with me Coleen, Cath, Kenar, Simon and Pat in November 2011. I couldn’t get over to the beauty of the cove so I went back a year after with my sister and husband, December 2012.

I learned about the Anawangin promo from Metrodeal Tipidlakbay Pilipinas. They were cutting the tour prices, big time!

Inclusions for the All-In Package for P2,000/4Pax

1. 4 pax trip to Anawangin

2. Boat ride from Pundaquit port to Anawangin cove and back

3. 2 medium-sized tents

4. Use of cooking tools

5. Island hopping

The travel package price of 2000Php is not bad for a short 2D/1N stay in the cove. I paid a reservation fee of P500 through Paypal. I really want to go and see the place. The photos I see in the internet are so tempting.

Anawangin Cove

How to Get to Anawangin Cove from Pasay, Manila

  1. Left early and board a Victory Liner bus in Pasay going to Olongapo, Zambales. Bus fare is 218Php each. Travel time is approximately 3 hours. There is also a Victory Liner bus station in Cubao if that is more accessible to you.
  2. From Olangapo Victory Liner bus station, transfer to another bus going to Iba, Zambales. Tell the bus driver to drop you at San Antonio market. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes.
  3. From San Antonio market, take a tricycle going to Pundaquit. Tricycle fare is 100Php for 3 passengers and travel time is approximately 30 minutes. .
  4. That would be 3 transfers in total before you arrive to Anawangin cove: Pasay – Olangapo – San Antonio – Pundaquit – Anawangin.
Pundaquit port in San Antonio

It was big open water and we were going through the waves of the South China Sea. One each side you will see cliffs, rock formations and little caves.


The boat ride from the port of Pundaquit to Anawangin is approximately 40 minutes. During storms and bad weather, no boats are allowed to sail due to high waves and strong winds.

We arrived at noon time and the heat was just right.  I noticed the gray fine sand. My feet instantly loved it but this wasn’t my feet.

We put up our tent and went on a good stroll. The place is extremely serene and beautiful. It has its unique charm.

Anawangin Sand

The Backside of Anawangin Cove 


A few meters away from where we set up our tents, we found a small path leading to the back area. I was stunned to see the beauty of the pines and the river mixed together.



Don’t miss the sunset. It is one of the best I have seen in the country.

The place was spotless. There’s hardly anyone in there. This was the time when Anawangin was still hidden.

Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Crab

Tips when you Go to Anawangin:

  1. Know the weather.
  2. Bring enough foods and drinking water. Buy them at San Antonio market.
  3. It is cold at night so bring a blanket.
  4. There is no fancy bathroom.
  5. There is no signal and there is no electricity.
  6. Do bonfire at night.
  7. Hike the mountain to see the cove from the top.
  8. Take a lot of pictures.
  9. Leave no later than 6PM. Last trip for Victory Liner Olonggapo is at 9PM.

Special thanks to my friends, my sister and my husband for coming with me.

Anawangin November 2011:

Anawangin with Friends

Girls wanna have fun in Anawangin

Simon and Kenar being extra friendly to the girls not far from our tent. Ninja moves.

Friends we meet

Anawangin December 2012:

Lau Anawangin

Anawangin David and Pam

If you wish to contact TipidLakbay for their latest Anawangin tour schedule, visit their Facebook at: Tipid Lakbay Or contact the organizer Ms Faith at 09161661560.

Travel and Tell Anawangin

3 thoughts on “ANAWANGIN

  1. Hi Faith good day. Saw you good post and really felt your enjoyment which leads me to be excited. We purchased kasi tour package too from metrodeal. Was just wondering if you were also assisted by mjdc travel tours? Was checking for reviews kasi 🙂 thank you


    1. Hi Tash. Yes we had a lot of fun during our tour. We were assisted by the staff of Ms Faith and they were incredible. Sila na nag-asikaso ng boat pati na pag unload ng bags namin. That was 2011 and Anawangin was still really pristine. I am not sure of MJDC travel tours, I think they are not related. But anyways, hope you have a good stay in Anawangin. It’s a gorgeous place.


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