Anilao Batangas

Anilao, Batangas is a 2-hour drive South of Manila. We stayed at Portulano Beach Resort  for 2 days. I came there with 7 big time travelers including my friend Kathleen of, Chyng of and Carla of Blissful Guro.

How to Get to Anilao from Manila: 

1. Board a Tritan bus at Buendia going to Lemery, Batangas.

2. Stop at Lemery town proper and look for a tricycle that would take you to San Luis, Balite parking lot where Portulano Resort boat awaits.

the waiting boat *excited lang teh

2019 Room Rates: Fan Cooled Rooms

Seaview Studio Rooms

  • Single Accommodation: P5900 per person
  • Twin Sharing: P3800 per person 
  • Triple Sharing: P3300 per person 
  • Quad Sharing: P3200 per person 

Seaview Studio Topdeck Fan Rooms

  • Single Accommodation: P5900 per person
  • Twin Sharing: P3800 per person
  • Triple Sharing: P3300 per person

Seaview Hillside Rooms

  • Single Accommodation: P4200 per person
  • Twin Sharing: P3200 per person

Portulano Beach Resort - Anilao Batangas

The Portulano Beach Resort entrance.

arrival at Portulano Beach Resort

What to Do in Anilao:

1. Eat


The resort serves great foods. The people running the resort were also friendly and accommodating.

2. Relax


This is the view outside our deck. Calm water and fresh sea breeze.

3. Snorkle and dive

Anilao is a popular diving spot in Batangas. It hosts thousands of species of corals and fishes. There are 40 dive sites around Anilao and most of them are reachable by a short boat ride.

4. Play

We had the group gathered and shared life stories on the first night and the next morning we played the jenga blocks.


The Team Anilao:

This trip was an invitation from Kathleen. I miss this girl. She is fun and knows so much about traveling.


My Travel Inspiration – Chyng Reyes 

Anilao, Batangas was my first travel outside Manila. I joined a group of travelers organized by the famous travel blogger Chyng Reyes *No Spam No Virus No Kiddin!. It was a pleasure meeting her for the first time. She was very humble and friendly. After learning the travels of Chyng, I was so inspired that I started going places and put up a travel blog.

The girls having a good time with the jenga blocks. I love the fun and positive vibe I get around them.

The girls taking turns for photo with Chyng. She was already known for her travels and adventures when we met.

I didn’t get the change to join the girls to go snorkeling. I was scared of the waves and I am not a swimmer. But I remember Anilao as the gate for me to start my own travels. I have not stopped since then.

Photo Credits: Carla of Blissful Guro

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