Kathleen *Da Social Climber who has been traveling in the past years. I was unsure at first since I just got off from a very frustrating situation but the availability of time and budget gave me a go and YES, I want to let go of all my stresses.Anilao, Batangas is a 2-hour drive South of Manila. We stayed at Portulano Beach Resort as endorsed by most travel guides. It was just a 2-day trip that ended really well. I was with 7 beautiful girls and the face I only recognize was Kath. I was a bit in tension but it was a drastic transformation of shyness to alive and playful me after each one got her chance to talk.

We leave Manila around 6am and arrived at the resort around 11am. Here’s how to get there:1. Drop at bus station at Buendia or Sen Gil. Puyat St. corner Taft St.2. Look for the Tritan bus or van shuttle station headed for Lemery, Batangas.3. The van will stop at Lemery town proper which is the last station. Take a tricycle from Lemery to Balite where the resort parking lot is located. Tell the driver you are headed for San Luis, Balite Parking lot for Portulano Resort.

*If you have private cars, you can head straight to San Luis, Balite Parking lot where the boatmen wait. Transportation shouldn’t cost you more than P500.00 one way.

the waiting boat *excited lang teh

Welcome angels – your sole mission is to ENJOY!

Portulano Beach Resort - Anilao Batangas

Grand Arrival ng mga Bakasyonista!arrival at Portulano Beach Resort

The place was really beautiful with the calm water and sunny skies. The grand Purtulano Resort embraced us in like we were lost and have been found. Lost and found kami in short?

The Things to Do at the Place.

1. Kumain.

319996_2428851642338_332936409_nYou’ll be surprised to see the resort serving the most delectable foods despite its secluded location. Their unmatched hospitality is nothing that you see in this world. The entire staff will treat you like you’re the only person in the place. Ginawa ko? Nag-extra rice, syempre.

2. Magrelax.

303560_1932462361014_696182692_nMasarap dito magtago sa lahat ng pinagkaka-utangan, promise! Wala na sigurong mag-eefort para languyin ka at habulin pa nuh? Ano – go na tayo? The place was truly inviting. You could see mountains competing with the water waves. And the breeze? It chased away all my worries. I love just how everything is set and how good the place can make you feel even in just a simple window peak.

3. Mag-snorkle and dive.

What is thought as simple and exclusive vacation home is also a popular diving spot in the entire Batangas. Purtolano Beach Resort hosts various species of corals and fishes underneath. And what could be more exciting than to witness these little interesting creatures in action. Pero ako, loser! Di ako nakijoin kasi takot ako sa malakas na alon plus gusto kong kumuha nalang ng pictures 😀

4. Maglaro.

Yes, we shared a couple of exciting revelations that night we arrived but what adds to the fun of our stay were these tiny blocks. It was my turn when ate Carla *Blissful Guro took this photo. ayaw lang sa katumba blocks ha, please!


5. Magbabad sa infinity pool.

infinity pool for free *YAY

There’s also an infinity pool to enjoy should you want to experience the dagat sa ibang dimension. *Pool water is seawater naman kasi teh kaya huwag ma-excite to the max. But I’m giving their pool 5 stars kasi ibang level din naman ang view na nakapalibot sa kanya.. da bah. *Palakpakan naman jan – Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap!

And to the pretty young lady I owe this trip: THANK YOU Kath! Cheers for this and the next trips we’ll be sharing!


A Glimpse to My Best Travel Inspiration

Anilao, Batangas was my first Manila travel. I joined a group of travelers organized by the famous yet down-to-earth Chyng Reyes *No Spam No Virus No Kiddin!. It was a pleasure meeting her for the first-time and since I barely know her and was only told by her achievements, there’s no extreme OAness sakin during our first meeting. It’s only after our trip that I discovered her popularity, her success to conquering the entire South East Asia and Philippine islands.

So what makes me look up to her? Her travels to different PH provinces and outside locations depict what a thankful and joyous woman is. You’ll see that there’s always a smile in her face and I like that. Her stunning photos reflect the majestic beauty of those places I am dying to visit. Her petite body and well-reserved smile wouldn’t give you a hint of her heart-pounding experiences. When she talks, it seems that there’s nothing that separates her from the group, she acts accordingly and behaves like nothing grand is attached to her name. She is very simple and fun and I’ve never seen such a humble person like her in my entire life. At this moment, Chyng casts the exciting travel series PHL 360 and as I recall spending time with her, I feel this extreme gladness. For a very little time, I was able to meet an inspiration. And if ever we cross paths again, there’s surely a burst of pride and excitement to come out of me.Visit Chyng and her never ending adventures. Her website is a complete guide to travelers who want to plunge to luxurious pleasures without the cost issues. – Chyng Reyes.

The Company of New Friends!

Time na para sa pictorial with Ms. Chyng! Oh hanap na ng magandang pose! 1..2..3

This trip reminds me back of why I love to travel. While every journey tags you to different sights and sounds, the company of people makes it more worthwhile. In here, I have proved that in every travel there awaits a surprise that could possibly leave a mark in your entire lifetime!