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Iligan City

Have you been to Iligan City? There’s something irresistible about a city like Iligan where most days are like Sundays on a slow gear. Apart from the local taste of long conversations you see along the streets, the “slow-down-we-got-time” attitude of most people makes the place more laid-back. Add to the diverse cultures of Muslims and Christians is the serious boom of fashion, photography and trading business in the place, slowly making Iligan a prime city.

Tinago, Iligan City

Iligan City, located in the Northern part of Mindanao and facing Iligan Bay 795 kilometers southeast of Metro Manila is known to be outside the typhoon belt, relatively an earthquake free zone. The fastest and most convenient way to get to Iligan would probably be to take a plane; the sea route will of course take a little bit longer. Climate is characterized by short, low sun dry season for one to three months and rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year.

Iligan City Sunset View

Iliganons, the term used for the native settlers of the place, are known to be warm and very hospitable. Majority of Iliganon’s population are from Visayas and migrants from other places in Mindanao. Though Iligan settlers are mixture of different cultures, peaceful co-existence of the varied cultural mix on the community is enjoyed by the Iliganons all these years.

Iligan City Warm and Friendly Locals

Kasadya Festival, an annual fiesta celebration honoring the city’s patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel is just one of the evidences of the said harmonious peaceful living.

Iligan City Kasadya Festival

Iligan City Kasadya Festival

This festival is one of the most awaited celebrations among local and foreign visitors because of its remarkable colorful dancers, puppeteers and entertainers dancing along more than one and half kilometer of the road.

Iligan City Kasadya 2012

What’s so Special with Iligan’s Fiesta?

Iligan City’s joyous fiesta is brimmed with several interesting activities from Palamiay sa Bingka, Ingiday sa Lechon to Annual Silent Drill Competition.

Silient Drill Competition 2012 *Lyceum Iligan Foundation

Nearby locals flock to Iligan not only to witness the display of several colours but also to grab a taste of the most delectable foods that can only be found in the area.

Most Common Fiesta Dish apart from Lechon

Being the “City of Waterfalls”, it is the place of more than 12 majestic waterfalls which provides attractions to both local and foreign tourists.

Maria Cristina Falls

The city’s economy is export-driven, where major export markets includes Europe, Korea, Singapore, USA, Japan and other Asian countries. Iligan City is also known to be the “Industrial City of the South” which houses more than 10 major industries well- known to manufacture cement, flour, steel, coconut oil and pellets. Indeed, visitors are in awe of Iligan’s natural and industrial attractions, it is the city’s real magic. And for those who want a burst of fun during the night, the city streets are alive with sounds and sights. Get lost in the rhythm of pulsating beats and rainbow of colors on among the top visited bars in the place.

Iligan night merry-making has changed over the years – this time it gets even more alive. To fulfill your fantasy of an exciting and fun night in this tiny city are places of Pala-o and Tibanga. It seems that these locations are for tough party-goers who never say No to wild smoke, loud music and heavy drinks.

Industrial City of the South

This quiet city has become more popular nowadays in the country. With this excellent government administration headed by Mayor Laurence Cruz, Iligan is seen to be capable of having an excellent economic growth. More than that, Iligan has one of the best records for peace and order in the region and considered to be one of the most productive cities in the country.

Hon. Mayor Lawrence Ll. Cruz

Iligan is not JUST about taking it slow and easy- and having a good time. Iligan is more than what it physically shows. And if you were to visit places in the Philippines, make sure Iligan City is on the list. Come and experience the place in its totality.


Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

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