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One thing I regret about my first trip to Capones is the limited time we had at the island and the failure of getting even a single photo. While we were there, I wished that we could have just stayed a bit longer kaso malakas na talaga ang hangin and parang uulan na rin. I physically step-off the island but I know there’s something in me that would want to come back.

I’ve been to Capones Island the last Anawangin tour with a couple of good friends, that was November 2011. I promised to return and Yes, I did but this time with my sister Laura and fiancee, David last week of December 2011.

As part of the tour, we stayed and had some couple of memorable fun at Anawangin on the first day. Spending time with my sister and fiancee offered me a different experience, something that comes very often. It was almost 2pm when we packed our things to leave Anawangin for a rough sail to Capones Island. Guess we were lucky to never experience a single sign of weather breakdown but the waves were rough out in the open sea that time.

To get to Capones Island, we need a boat ride for about 30 minutes, crossing the giant water of South China Sea. I was in extreme tension and was out of breath the entire boat ride. *parang feel ko at anytime pweding tumaob ang boat sa lakas ng alon.

But it was worth all the struggles when we finally reach the shore of Capones. I was completely captivated by the beauty of the place, I felt like I’m in a different world. *Wow, ang ganda ganda pala talaga!

Capones Island facing South China Sea

Big chunks of rocks stand tall and mighty, they appear like a restless guardian of the place. Few more steps and you’re feet will be enjoying the fine, glittering sand.

Mamang Bangkero and my Sister Laura

Strike a pose while the sun is hot.

with my best travel buddie, David.

Capones is probably one of the best places me and David have visited.

The walk going to the top wasn’t easy. But you’ll be entertained with the grassland view along with the cool ocean breeze.

good afternoon Capones, its nice to be with you again!

And because the tide was already high that time and the rocks were getting really hard on our feet, it took us almost 1-hour to complete the 2-kilometer hike going to the top.

Indeed its true, there awaits a treasure in every uphill climb. After an hour of struggle, we were all stunned with the beauty of Capones from the top.

Capones Island overlooking view

I was relieved by the sight of the blue giant water right infront of me and the distant white shore which we walked a couple of minutes ago. The touch of the wind right on my face had totally drifted all my anxieties. “This is why I come back Capones, I want to see and feel you on your grandest.”

Old Spanish Lighthouse, 1890

Your visit to Capones wouldn’t be complete if you miss to stroll around or inside this Spanish-old lighthouse. It stands majestic and proud, surviving 100 years of cold and heat. It’s said that it was first lit on August 1, 1890 and been used to guide sailors out in the open. Some parts of this old structure were replaced including the lighthouse and the rest were retained.

Highlight of the Trip:

Due to its old, kinda scary appearance, I asked our tour guide if the place has been disturbed by some mystical creatures. And he said Yes, there were heart-pounding stories from those who spent an overnight camp on the area. A couple of them have spotted white-ladies appearing on the stairs and heard disturbing rattle of chains (probably from those prisoners during the Spanish era). *kakatakot naman.

tt Capones Island on a bright sunny day

And who wouldn’t love to be around with your love right at this very moment?

me and David overlooking Capones Island

Laura on the cliff for a quick photo.

view from the top

The island has never lost its natural draw despite the change of time. I hope to see Capones survive for a million year more, if not, forever ’cause its beauty is more than enough to heal even the most exhausted soul.

Capones Island, December 2011

*Make sure to bring enough water and effective “face cover” to survive the biting heat. Sharp stones may scrape your feet’s skin so watch your steps. *Don’t worry sulit na sulit lahat ng pagod when you reach the top.

Stayed at: Anawangin campsite

Days: just a short drop, 3 hours

Transportation: Bangka

Expense: P2,000 for both Anawangin and Capones for 3/pax

Enjoyed most: being on the top of the island, feeling like I was flying.

Missed: a jumpshot

Overall Impression: 7 stars

Tipidlakbay Pilipinas on Facebook:

Organizer: Faith, 09161661560

6 comments on “Capones

  1. David Kuhn
    July 11, 2012

    This is just one of MANY amazing places the Philippines has to offer. The landscape is almost untouched, the water more beautiful than words can describe, and the view is to die for !!!! Can’t wait for a return trip to this magical place. Thank you Pamela for bringing me here 🙂

    • Pamela Jane
      July 11, 2012

      You’re so much welcome David. Wondering where are we gonna go next..are you ready? Thank you for this time with you.

  2. David Allen Kuhn
    March 9, 2014

    Get ur slippers ready…..its almost that time again 🙂

    • Pam
      March 9, 2014

      my Prince has to be somewhere with me again…:)

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    February 28, 2015

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    • Pam
      February 28, 2015

      Hello. Thank you for considering me but I disregard SEO work on my blog. I had minor social media exposure which is working good at the moment. I appreciate your thoughts about giving this blog a try.

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