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Spending an entire holy week at Calaguas, Camarines Norte has given me countless delights. It was my dear friend Kathleen who informed me about the available tour for Calaguas organized by the famous Lakwatserong Kusinero Chef Janjie. I tagged my brother and cousin Raul in this trip so I wouldn’t be alone. It was a trip that started so plain but ended truly perfect.

Calaguas, Camarines Norte

Calaguas, a remote island facing the grand Pacific Ocean is the cleanest and most peaceful white sand beach I have ever been in this entire life. It’s beauty is so grand, I couldn’t explain just how magnificent everything is set in the place. From the soft powdery sand, clean, pristine water to the lavish, green mountains, they all blend so well to produce a great hidden masterpiece.

Welcome to Calaguas

Camarines Norte is increasingly becoming a major highlight of the Bicol region due to its overflowing water and greenery grandeur. An hour from the main Camarines city, Calaguas is indeed another paradise with several spectacular blessings. Soaring the giant Pacific Ocean, we crossed the water for about 45 minutes.

The Rocky Side

Why Calaguas? I always love the beauty of the white sand beach. I could live this entire life just having a few little glimpses of the turquoise water in my mornings. It’s a tour package we paid for P3,500 per person. And since it’s so rare for me to be able to get enough time to escape from work, I’ve decided to spend holy week to any of Luzon’s white sand beaches. It was Caramoan that came up to me, even called my contact to the place. But guess, time was just right to dashed me to Calaguas.

Pacific Ocean View on a Hill

And indeed, it was a perfect decision to give it a GO!

Soft – Cold – Fine – Glittering – PURELY CALAGUAS

Everything was taken cared by our tour package so walang major na hassle na sa part ko and sa dala-dala kong dalawang gwapo? mmmm…

Spending time with Kuya *sus ko, mas daku paku nia

And ever ever dearest cousin Raul!

cousin Raul

Glorious Days in Calaguas:

1. I was able to climb another hill.

meet the friendly natives

I got these 2 friendly locals to gladly show me the place. They have this different language I found so interesting to listen.

unexplainable *everything is so beautiful above

2. I was able to try skimboarding.

Black and Yellow – Black and Yellow

Naning all by myself?

Skimboard trying hard *pag-uli hasta ng negraha O.O

3. I was able to play my favorite sport Volleyball.

sarap ng sand sa paa – bahala pa mu-dive – no problem!

Take a stroll.

fine soft sand – no stones – shells – amazing talaga!

Your eyes will be entertained not only by the clean clear water but also with the glow of the sun setting.

calm and beautiful sunset to end the day

The place has no electricity. The natives in the area have learned to live with candles and lamps as source of lights in the evening. Water is extracted through the “poso”. There are also huts to provide shade. The simplicity of living and everything that surrounds made Calaguas a heaven to all those who want to experience serenity.

view from the hilltop

At night when the rest of the world is at rest, the place is brimmed with various fun activities including fire dancing and wine mixing. Who would thought that this silent island has also another face at night? Get lost to the pulsating beats and dancing lights as the moon and dark clouds mask the entire sky.

wala na maniy sulod ang mga bottle – aha na kaha?

*Thank you sa bonggang generator Chef Janjie. Eveything was prepared by our tour staff including the sumptuous foods na mainly makarne. Sila na rin ang nag set-up ng set – bahay kubo made more advanced ang show!

magpa-cool sa Coleman na tent

My Best and No.1 White Sand Beach – Calaguas!

Here’s why:

1. The Sand

pino and bugnaw

2. The Water

tin-aw ang tubig – no lumot then bugnaw pajud kaaU – naa mga isda

3. The Boat-Boat

cute kaU ang mga bangka – nalingaw ko – ako rasad – chus!

My trip to Calaguas was another beautiful experience with nature and people dear to me. Having my kuya and cousin to experience all the fun and relaxation was enough of a perfect vacation.

akyat bukid gang

I hope that the government will continue to preserve Calagua’s untouched beauty – to only allow few selected, responsible tour agencies to do business in the place. The area deserves our utmost care as it’s now among the few left with so much beautiful sights to offer less the crowd and commercialization.

I love you Calaguas!

Calaguas, Camarines Norte – March 2012

Stayed at: Calaguas Island Campsite

Days: 2D/1N

Transportation: Private Van and Boat

Expense: P8,000 (P3,500 treat si Kuya)

Enjoyed most: the sand and ang tour sa bukid

Missed: snorkeling *daghan daw jellyfish sa unahan

Overall Impression: 10 stars

*Watch out for Kusinerong Lakwatsero and his adventures together with his staff at this Facebook Page. They are organizing tours to Calaguas every now and then.

11 comments on “Calaguas

  1. kathleen1630
    October 14, 2012

    Wee pam! ikaw na ang nakauna sa akoa. pfft maypa wla tika giignan da! grrr hahaha

    • Pam
      October 14, 2012

      haha thanks ani Kath..kadumdum jud kaU ko atu ba..naa paka atu didto sa kilid sa room then inform ko nimu naa tour sa Calaguas..sige lang..Sagada bonanza sad bitaw ka..sulit japun kaU..

  2. daveallenkuhn
    October 17, 2012

    I love how this blog is constructed, very informative, making this journey something to be more desired from most of the other beaches….I like how its ur wish to preserve this wonderful place so that others will have the same experience as you…. This is traveling at its finest, even without power you still had a wonderful time in an amazing place….. Great job 🙂

    • Pam
      October 26, 2012

      Thank you baby! how i wish i had you with me…

  3. Monabelle Salaan
    November 29, 2012

    nice au imong pics pam, as if pd naka-adto ko sa place.hehe

    • Pam
      November 29, 2012

      sus Mon how I wish kuyug ta ani na time..wala rani ka 1/4 sa tinuod na view Mon..anhi nia ta puhon diri Mon ha..mag2 piece jud ka ha. 😀 muah.

  4. sadiosumasa
    February 15, 2014


    • Pam
      February 15, 2014

      Thanks..will sure take note of that.

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  6. Nicole
    March 15, 2015

    Just wanted to share our experience during our Calaguas trip this Febuary 2015, this is after heavy rain in so waves are really rough and my heart is about to jump. Good thing our tour guide Noly is really helpful to us and comfort us during that time.
    When we reach the island, it was majestic and pristine as it could be. We had 4 meals a day (heavy meals) and when we go back to Vinzons, Noly asked us to eat at their house (no additional charge) before we head out to Manila. It was an experience for a lifetime, not just because of the beautiful beach. But our tour guide is really helpful and hospitable.
    You can contact him Noly – 09179595985 / 09206611018 or (not affiliated in any way, just a happy traveler)

  7. Frankcess
    March 10, 2016

    Hi! Sharing also our experience in Calaguas:

    Sobrang ganda!

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