When you’re too sick of the hassle and bustle of every day work, want to break-free from the stress caused by the long-heavy traffic at EDSA, get rid of the annoying rant of your demanding boss, when you simply want a restful weekend or a perfect getaway with loved-ones in a seeming untouched place, then Baguio might just be perfect for you.

Getting to the place was one of my most unforgettable trips, less the stress I caused my travel buds when they completely lost me in the middle of the flower parade. (Actually, nag-enjoy din naman ako kasi I got the chance to explore the city on my own pero first time napa-page name ko sa SM City Baguio pa. Calling calling, where is me?) Thanks to Cath and Pat and Cath’s 2 office friends for the patience of finding me, nahiya naman ako.


Less the cheka, I was able to spend around P4,000 all-in for a 3-day trip to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, cheaper of what I thought knowing we’re rooting to witness the Panagbenga, probably the busiest day of Baguio. The town was packed with people and tying yourself to a cold drink would greatly help (over sweat ko, balde balde). We depart Manila around 10pm para less traffic, and yes, the 8-hour drive was well-worth the disturbed sleep. Experiencing Baguio for the first time has brought me 3 Ts: Thrill, Texcitement, Tension (sorry, “make impossible things happen” motto ko). It was around 7am when this scenic view woke my entire senses:


“Wow nasa Baguio na nga ako”. With much excitement, we hopped out the car and took photos. It was my first time to taste the popular morning treat, Taho with strawberry syrup. It was extraordinary and would recommend this tasteful flavor to everyone who steps into Baguio (5 stars to Baguio natives for trying something new).

Arriving earlier before Panagbenga allowed us to explore the city and take a couple of walks, you’ll feel the breeze in your every step and you’ll be fascinated with flowers all around. You’ll instantly know you’re in a different place sa base palang ng Kenon Road due to the change of temperature *super lamig, parang nasa refrigerator lang.

What I enjoyed most of Baguio apart from its soothing atmosphere were the flowers:


Different shades of flowers are grown in Baguio:


At eto ang nagpataub sa lahat:


I’ve never been to a cold place before but Bukidnon. Baguio is I guess 4x colder than Bukidnon (*sige na, sige na, compare compare ka pa). If you are not in a hurry, I suggest you visit the following spots:

1. Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay

Don’t miss the picturesque corners of this place. You’ll be totally awed. You can drive down Camp John Hay within 5-10 minutes from city proper. Babala: Mi security guard pagala-gala kaya huwag pahalatang excited.

2. The Baguio Cathedral

It was already late when we decided to drop at Baguio Cathedral for a simple, fast prayer. This place is deemed holy so it was a great opportunity to be able to whisper God a wish and take a couple of photos.

3. The Mines View Park

Mines View Park

This exact spot is quite amusing. Entering the vicinity will get you interested to a couple of things: key chains, foods and madaming foods, bonsai, souvenir t-shirts, malaking aso at cute na kabayo na pag nagpa-picture ka eh mi bayad, and the colorful native Ita garments. The place is severely occupied with activities and fun things for both kids and adults to enjoy.

4. Burnham Park

Burnham Park

Alright, di ka maliligaw if you decide na bisitahin ang place nato kasi halos lahat ng jeep na may rutang city proper eh dumadaan dito. Sakay ka lang ng Trancoville or kahit na anung mi ville-ville, for sure, dadaan ka sa park. *take it from me, sa naligaw and naiwanan na echosera. Mi bayad pag-sumakay sa boat kaya huwag feeling free.

5. The Pasalubong Area

Pasulubong Center

Baguio has the freshest strawberries and for you not to buy one? Okay, baka nga wala ka ng pera gaya ko. Hay, joke ba to? Kidding, don’t miss to drop at the Pasalubong area. Malilito ka anung bibilhin sa dami ng pasalubong. Ewan ko, basta ako, mi walis akung nadala for P145. Joke again? Hindi, hindi. Jams (Ube and Strawberry) are for P35 each but P1oo for 3 (save ka ng P5 pambili toothpick), and strawberries are P50 per pack.

So why Baguio this time?

February is Panagbenga Time!


Flower Parade: Spectacular and lahat na ng SYNONYMS.


Ayan na si Vice Ganda!


And who says Baguio is only for celebrities? It’s also for couples to celebrate love and happy togetherness. In a place where everything seems finely designed, falling inlove comes no force. And this is what makes this travel a lot more memorable.



We watched each flower floats passed, the moment was perfect until we faced that very unfortunate circumstance! We were in front of the line with a huge amount of crowd behind us. Getting into the first row was a fight-to-death situaion (ang dami naming sinuong makakuha lang ng place sa front). It was worth every “siksikan struggle” until a group of people from the back pushed us in front so they can cross the street or baka siguro kasi di na makahinga sa dami ng tao. OM, nagka-stampede sa gitna ng parade sa mismong tinayuan namin. Worst, mi mga camera pang naka-capture ng mga happenings. Okay, to end it, napahiya lang naman kami but it was fun dahil na rin sa mga baklatita sa likod!

Every travel is an experience and this experience I had in Baguio with one of my closest friends Cathy with her boyfriend Pat, and Cath’s office friends (who are super kalog) ** is truly worth-keeping. And how can I forget the couple to whom I owe this trip the most?

Cathy and Pat, thank you so much for allowing me to go with the group, super LIKE!


Wait there’s more, it’s Cathy and spending time her.


Baguio City, till we meet again!

Baguio City, February 2012

Stayed at: Royal Residence (Rimando Road Trancoville, Baguio City)

Contact No.: 09178634007

Days: 3D/2N

Transportation: Private car

Expense: P4,000

Enjoyed most: the road trip na hindi ko tinulugan

Missed: Strawberry picking

Overall Impression: 5 stars